Chihuri defends ‘illegal’ flea market


Police Commissioner-General, Augustine Chihuri, yesterday said there was nothing wrong with the “illegal” Harare Central Police Station flea market and warned the Harare City Council against attempting to close it.

Harare City Council wants the flea market shut down on grounds the police had invaded council space which they were not paying for.

Chihuri, who was on a tour of Harare Central Police Station, however, blessed the flea market and immediately warned that whoever stood in the way of the project would be met “head on”.

The flea market has been at the centre of a storm with Harare City Council arguing the place was originally a car park belonging to the local authority.

“Anyone who would want to soil that, we will meet head on,” Chihuri threatened. “Projects that have been started will not be stopped. They shall go on.”

Chihuri took a swipe at critics of his law enforcement organisation saying: “Critics ofZimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) are at sea drowning in ignorance and speak from lack of facts and have no wisdom even to inquire before they go loose with words in being critical with what the ZRP does.

With little money, there is little you can do. Who would want to use a breathalyser naked? Who would want never to sleep in a house, but to work from the streets?”

Superintendent Isaac Mabhutsu, the Officer Commanding Projects for Harare Province claimed the city council did not own the piece of land where the flea market was located. He said the police were in