Woman dives to death


An Epworth woman yesterday jumped to her death into the infamous Quarry Dam, commonly known as the “Pool of Death”, together with her three-year- old child strapped on her back following a dispute with her husband.

Shell-shocked eyewitnesses suspected suicide.
Harare police provincial spokesperson Inspector James Sabau confirmed the death.

“The bodies were seen by car-washers at the dam floating in the morning and the police were called in. The police appealed to people to identify the bodies, but no one came forward.

The woman was in her 20s and the child was a boy around three years old. Police are calling upon those who can identify the bodies to come forward and do so.”

The bodies were taken to Harare Central Hospital mortuary.

“We are worried with cases of suicide at the dam. In December (last year), a boy had a misunderstanding with his brother and dived into the dam.

There are people who stay around the dam to rescue people because that place is known for suicide. People must desist from resorting to such actions to solve domestic problems,” Sabau said.

Eyewitnesses said they found a woman floating together with her child tightly strapped on her back.
“We found her floating in the morning together with her child on her back and we really don’t know what happened, but we suspect it was suicide,” said an eyewitness.

“I had to jump in and rescue another person who had jumped into the dam after he was overcome by emotions.”

The “Pool of Death” has over the years become infamous for people committing suicide in Epworth.
Others who were at the scene said they suspected the woman was having marital problems, hence the action to “dive” to death together with her child.

There have been calls on the local authority to fill the dam that has become a danger to society.