Midlands tennis elections final: TZ


Midlands Tennis Board (MTB) losing candidate Andrew Nyakotyo’s bid to have the nullification of elections that ushered the newly elected MTB executive, received a blow yesterday after Tennis Zimbabwe (TZ) declared there would be no other round of voting.

Nyakotyo last month wrote to TZ seeking nullification of the vote which was held in November last year and put into office the Stanley Rhudu-chaired new executive, arguing the plebiscite which took place in Gweru was riddled by irregularities.

He claimed after a stalemate in the first round of voting, a Gweru club was unfairly disqualified from the re-run, a move which could have cost him a vote to break the impasse.

Nyakotyo, who stormed out of the second round of polls in protest, aimed a rap at the election’s presiding officer Cliff Nhokwara whom he accused of conspiring with Kwekwe clubs for his ouster.

He also contended Nhokwara disregarded the MTB constitution which was supposed to guide the vote, after initial indications that it would be used.

But TZ yesterday maintained the elections were held in accordance with their constitution and there was no need for another election. TZ vice-president Regis Bhunu said they believed the vote put to rest the squabbles that had been rocking MTB for the past years.

“I am yet to see the letter of complaint from Nyakotyo, but the elections were fairly held and I do not see anything unusual or wrong about them. They were conducted in the fairest manner and which we believe has resolved all those issues that have been bedevilling the game in the Midlands,” said Bhunu.
The body is scheduled to hold its annual general meeting next month.