Somanje brothers in fresh row


Despite frantic efforts by promoters and record companies to bring back the talented combination of Daiton and Josphat Somanje last year, the brothers have marked the New Year with a row over Josphat’s upcoming album.

Daiton is mad over the inclusion of the hit song Seiko Kuonda on Josphat’s six-track album set to be released soon.

Daiton is claiming ownership of the song and described its inclusion on his brother’s new album is “theft”.

He vowed to take legal action if Josphat proceeds to release the song.

“The song is mine because I composed it alone. I don’t know what Josphat is up to and if he releases it then I have no option but to take some measures.

Josphat is a man and he must do his own things, he must leave my songs alone,” said Daiton.
When contacted for comment Josphat was uncooperative.

“I am tired of you people from NewsDay, write whatever you want to write,” said Josphat before hanging up the phone.

However, a source close to the development confirmed the inclusion of the track Seiko Kuonda on the upcoming album.

“Josphat included the hit song on his latest album as track number six, but it is instrumental. He is now faced with a dilemma. He has to drop it meaning his latest album will only carry five songs or he needs to compose another,” said the source

Josphat is in a fix after losing three of his crucial band members that dumped him late last year over unpaid salaries.

The feud between Josphat and Daiton dates long back, but last year the brothers released an album together which led people to believe they had reunited.

However Daiton confessed his studio, Last Power Media, had to pay Josphat to feature on the album Zvisinei Hazvo.

Daiton described the reunion as “cheating the nation” and said the feud with his brother would never end.