MLF wants local radio stations


Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) has called for the establishment of radio stations which would broadcast in all languages spoken in the region.

MLF president David Magagula told NewsDay there was need for the people in Matabeleland to be uplifted through the promotion of local languages.

The movement, formed by Zimbabweans based in South Africa, says it wants a separate state to be known as Mthwakazi Republic alleging that Matabeleland is marginalised.

“When one cannot be employed in his own country because the vacancy is taken up by someone from outside the region, it is denial of the right to employment opportunities,” he said.

“We call upon our oppressors to let go of our country as doing so will not only liberate Mthwakazi but Zimbabwe also because the burden of keeping us colonised escalates each day.”

Magagula said there was need for radio stations which broadcast in all local languages to be established.

“We recognise the speed with which the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture had Tonga examined at Grade 7,” he said.

“This is far too little although it is in the right direction.

“Venda, Kalanga, Nambya, Shangani and all Mthwakazi languages have to be taught up to university level and they are all national.”