I have 75 children in Zim —Zambian


A 47-year-old Zambian man arrested recently for illegal entry into Zimbabwe stunned the court yesterday after he claimed to be married to 14 wives located in both countries.

He said he had 95 children, 75 of them resident in Zimbabwe.

George Siamena pleaded guilty to contravening the country’s immigration laws when he entered Zimbabwe without the requisite permit, but told the court he had come to bury one of his sons.

The court heard that on December 10 last year, Siamena entered the country through the Binga Front Harbour.

He was arrested at Binga Centre on December 28 while drinking beer.

In mitigation, Siamena claimed to be married to seven wives in Zimbabwe and another seven in Zambia.

“I had lost one of my sons in Zimbabwe and I entered the country illegally to bury him,” he told the court.

But Binga resident magistrate, Stephen Ndlovu found him and sentenced the Zambian to 30 days in jail.

In sentencing, the magistrate considered he was always entering the country illegally claiming to have seven wives in Zimbabwe.

He also advised him to acquire the legal documents to avoid further arrests.

Bruce Maphosa prosecuted.