Council to sue suspected Zanu PF invaders


The local authority claims to have compiled a list of the invaders, operating under the auspices of the shadowy militant Mbare-based Chipangano group.

The suspected Zanu PF activists have reportedly taken over flea markets, city ranks and Carter House in Mbare, among other centres around Harare.

Yesterday, the Housing and Community Development chairperson, Councillor Charles Nyatsuro, said they would appeal to Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo , Home Affairs co-ministers, Theresa Makone and Kembo Mohadi to intervene so the Zanu PF youths are “put in check”.

“We say we want to go to court for people to be evicted and the best strategy is to engage (Ministers) Chombo, Makone and Mohadi to intervene and call for a Press conference and name the people involved and take action against them,” said Nyatsuro.

“The issue has gone beyond council, beyond anyone at Town House such that even our own municipal police cannot do anything to the invaders. We have been making reports to the police. We want to force a Press conference, even if it means to engage principals (Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, President Robert Mugabe and Welshman Ncube) so be it, so that we reclaim what is ours and collect the much-needed revenue.”

The MDC-T-dominated council has been reduced to bystanders with virtually all properties in the hands of the suspected Zanu PF activists who appear to be enjoying police support.

Harare Residents’ Trust coordinator Precious Shumba said : “The council should engage the police and remove the Zanu PF officials occupying council properties especially in Mbare, and they should begin by instituting disciplinary measures against some of their employees like Jim Kunaka who is aiming to be an MP in Sunningdale or Mbare constituency, but using his position in council to deprive council of the much-needed resources.”

Kunaka was not reachable for comment yesterday, but Zanu PF, District Coordinating Committee chairman Jaison Pasadi said the MDC-T councillors had done nothing for the city since they came into office and were now panicking.

“They want to put their people in those markets, but we are saying no to that. We say the markets should serve every Zimbabwean and not MDC-T people like what they want to do. We say no to that,” he said.