Author explores power of uniqueness


Everybody has the potential to succeed in any field if they follow simple steps, a new author Chrophet Muchinezuro attests.

In his book entitled It Pays To Be Different Muchinezuro explores the importance of personal uniqueness.

“You must be irreplaceable either in business, politics or at the work place,” said Muchinezuro in an interview with NewsDay.

“Everyone wants to feel they cannot be easily replaced, but that takes learning to achieve.”

The book also focuses on some key elements of success such as determination, problem-solving techniques, the power of first impressions and personal development.

Using simple language the writer uses quotations from high achievers to introduce every chapter.

Muchinezuro argues that even though it is imperative to make money, one must know how to use wealth in a meaningful manner.

He says history abounds with many examples of people who did not make it in life failure to manage wealth.

“Financial discipline therefore is of the utmost importance,” argues Muchinezuro, who previously authored a book titled The Success Matrix.

He further said he has tried to localise his book by citing African examples as he feels that most books on the topic are far removed from an African setting.

“Most books on success dwell more on Europe and I felt that I need to write material that people in Zimbabwe and other African countries could identify with.”

Muchinezuro is also a consultant on leadership.