MLF speaks on Mugabe ouster


Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) yesterday said it was not interested in removing President Robert Mugabe or Zanu PF from power.

The organisation, formed in 2010 by Zimbabweans mostly based in South Africa, says it wants a separate State in the south-western part of the country to be known as Mthwakazi Republic.

MLF secretary-general Paul Siwela said it must be understood that the removal of President Mugabe and Zanu PF from power was not be the responsibility of “Mthwakazi”. He said as a result, the group would not participate in the forthcoming elections.

“In any case, what’s the difference between Zanu PF, MDC, MDC-T and any other Zimbabwean political parties, which seek to remove President Mugabe from power without removing the oppressive political system?

“We are urging the people of Mthwakazi not to interfere with the internal affairs of Zimbabwe by voting in their elections which are a farce. They don’t mean anything to the people of Mthwakazi, but perpetuate their oppression and suffering.”

He said there was an attempt by their foes from inside and outside the country to give an impression that MLF wanted to destabilise the country.

“We are making a bold statement that as MLF we have nothing to do with Zimbabwe and have no intention whatsoever to cause any political or economic problems in that country,” he said.

“In return we expect the Zimbabwean government to cooperate with our efforts to seek dialogue so as to arrive at giving Mthwakazi Republic independence,” he said.

Siwela said they sought their independence through peaceful means and wanted Mthwakazi to exist side by side with Zimbabwe.

The politician is facing treason charges after he was arrested last year for allegedly distributing fliers calling on security forces to revolt against President Mugabe.