High hopes for 2012


A cross-section of Zimbabweans are hopeful 2012 will be a much better year.

In a snap survey in Harare yesterday, some residents told NewsDay they hoped the economy would improve paving way for employment creation in the country.
Below are excerpts:

Chem (27), Harare businessman
I am hoping to grow my business this year, and I will be opening a second shop. The business so far has been OK. If you do food business, then there is no going wrong because people need to eat food every day.

Tafara Chivheya (30), photographer
As an indigenous businessperson, I am hoping things will go well in my business. I am targeting having a car during the course of this year. And I am also planning to get a loan so that I can extend my business. I will also ensure that before the end of the year, I would have managed to buy printing equipment for my business.

Jeniffer Marodza (25), hairdresser
I think 2011 was not a bad year for me, compared to 2010. So I am hoping that 2012 will be much better and I will be able to build from where I left off in 2011. I intend to increase my customer base and, in turn, increase my income. I haven’t really been able to buy something of value in the past two years, so I am hoping to do that this year. I will probably add on to the furniture I have at home.

Charles Runyanga (27), trainee social worker
I see 2012 as a good year. The rains so far have been good and I believe it’s a sign that the New Year will be a good one. I also believe that 2012 will give me an opportunity to rectify some of the errors I made in 2011. As a soccer fan, I am happy that this year there will be a lot of matches — Champions League, the Africa Cup of Nations and even our own local league. So this will definitely be my year.

Brian Chipiro (41), merchandiser
I am expecting improvements from the previous year. I have expectations from last year. I have seen a lot of improvements since the introduction of the US dollar, and I am sure I will be able to meet my expectations if things remain like this. But my greatest desire this year is to buy a car. I want to be driving before the end of the year.

Sandra Musa (35), tailor
I am really excited about this year because I believe my business is going to grow. Two years ago things got so difficult I almost gave up, but last year there was an improvement.

Things were stable. I am sure if it remains stable, then even in my business, I am going to excel. But my greatest desire is to get a new machine this year to improve on the business. I also bought a stand last year, and this year I am planning to start building. So, it promises to be a great year.