Church leaders dip cloths in politics


Two church leaders Ezekiel Guti (Zaoga) and Trevor Manhanga (Pentecostal Assemblies of Zimbabwe) on Sunday partially “dipped” their holy cloths into the country’s murky political waters urging their congregants to pray for President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to co-exist and equitably distribute the country’s diamond resources.

In a pastoral letter read on his behalf on New Year’s Eve, Guti said: “Let us thank God for the President (Mugabe) and the Prime Minister (Tsvangirai) that they may be truly united so that our country may have many investors.”

Guti also instructed his followers to pray for accountability in the management of the country’s mineral resources.

“The diamonds and the gold which the Lord gave us should make our country rich and all people who work hard should have the money. Let our country be the breadbasket again.”

The church also prayed for the constitution-making process to ensure there was peace in the country.

Yesterday, Manhanga said the people should pray for the nation and its leadership in accordance with the scriptures.

“One of the things that we pray for is the good health of our leaders regardless of age or political affiliation. We, therefore, will pray for the good health of the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Prime Minister, Cabinet ministers, security chiefs and other politicians.”

Asked whether he supported some people’s call for President Mugabe to give up power, Manhanga said:

“If a person is legitimately elected into office, it is not for me or anyone else for that matter to question whether they should continue or not based on their health.”

He said it was unfair in his opinion to talk about the health of President Mugabe as a national issue while not doing the same for other national

“Do we know the health status of all our leaders who hold national office? What if they are HIV positive or have some other incurable disease, for example? Should they step down?”

Manhanga also said the nation should pray for the proper use of diamond resources.