Xhosa king hails Zim visit


The Xhosa king’s visit to Zimbabwe was a “resounding success”, CEO of the Xhosa royal council, Zolani Mkiva, has said.

The visit of the Xhosa king Mpendulo Zwelonke Sigcawu started on December 18 and was concluded on Tuesday.

The visit was aimed at establishing relationships with Zimbabwean Xhosa people.

Mkiva said they spent eight days in Mbembesi and also visited Harare.

“More than 22 000 people attended our gathering in Mbembesi,” said Mkiva adding that Ndebele and Shona-speaking people also attended the “spiritual gathering with the king”.

He said Zimbabwean Xhosas expressed gratitude to Sigcawu for visiting them and described him as the solution to their spiritual problems.

“To prove that, they presented the king with 18 cattle as a gift.

“They said they were so grateful to spend Christmas with their king,” said Mkiva, who is also poet to former president Nelson Mandela.

Earlier this year, Sigcawu met a delegation of Zimbabwean Xhosas in Johannesburg, who asked him to visit Zimbabwe to hear some of their concerns.

“Some complained of having been battling spiritual problems for a while. They wanted the king to come and bless them in Zimbabwe.

“His majesty is not only their king, he is also their spiritual leader,” Mkiva said.

Sigcawu also bestowed the King Hintsa Bravery Award on President Robert Mugabe, but Mkiva said the official handover would be perfomed early next year. — New Age.