The missing link to lose weight


New studies find obesity to be one of the most costly conditions on the planet.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are now spent annually on weight loss products, services and other weight-related health conditions.

Weight loss centres and gyms are now targeting this growing epidemic.

However, it has been quoted that 70% or more do not enrol in programmes and try to lose weight on their own.

The vast majority of people attempting to lose weight fail to do so. There are a multitude of reasons why people fail.

To best prepare for success, we must understand the mistakes that others commonly make. It’s not where you stand right now that matters; it’s where you are going.

Let’s not buy into the myth that you can’t lose weight or that it has to be hard.

A Harvard University weight loss study states: “It is clear that health is significantly affected by mindset.” Weight loss plans require dedication and consistency not only physically, but also mentally. Social obligations and temptations are two of the most common causes of inconsistency.

Our social gatherings commonly include food and we usually over-indulge ourselves during the holiday season. It is very important to get friends and family members involved in a healthy living programme as well. If you do it together, you will succeed.

Many times people expect miracles within days of starting a weight loss programme. When you do not see a significant change it is common to get disappointed, lose hope and fall off track.

The goal of any programme is continuous daily improvements. The added weight did not appear overnight and will require time to improve. You can do it though!

You can get into the best shape of your life, regardless of your age. The secret to success is a proper mindset and a plan.

Failure only happens if your desire to indulge in unhealthy habits exceeds your desire to lose weight and get in great shape.

Rome is not built in a single day. We need to set realistic goals and a great plan of action to achieve success. It is very important to write it down and record the progress.

“Everyone has inside himself a piece of good news! The good news is that you really don’t know how great you can be, how much you can love, what you can accomplish, and what your potential is!”— Anne Frank

In 2012, the only thing that stands between a person and the results they want is the will to try it and the faith to believe it possible. This belief fuels enthusiasm and this enthusiasm explodes into passion.

Have the perseverance to succeed.

Perseverance is not a long race; it’s many short races, one after another. Have simple, clearly defined goals that will capture your imagination and inspire passion. We can never help another without first helping ourselves.

Our goal in 2012 as an organisation is to provide you with the very best resources for success.

Success is not limited to weight loss, but also other life and health management techniques.

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