Man kills himself over attempted rape

A 32-year-old Chimanimani man allegedly committed suicide after his 36-year-old niece foiled his bid to rape her.

Manicaland police spokesperson Inspector Leonard Chabata confirmed the incident which happened at Mavhiza village in Chimanimani on Christmas Day.

On the fateful day, it is alleged the man was coming from a beer drinking binge at Mavhiza Business Centre when he met his niece along the way to his house.

He initially allegedly made sexual advances, but later turned hostile after the niece turned him down.

Determined to accomplish his mission, he tripped and pinned his niece on the ground before trying to rape her, but she overpowered him and fled home where she immediately reported the matter to other family members.

“At home the now deceased man could not live with the embarrassment and he is alleged to have told his niece’s mother that he was taking his life because of the extreme humiliation he was feeling.

“His niece’s mother tried to restrain him, but it was too late for her to save him because he rushed to hang himself with a chain shortly after revealing that he was going to commit suicide,” said Chabata.

Meanwhile, another 32-year-old Chimanimani beer guzzler died on Christmas Day after taking an excessive dose of the illicit Mozambican-brewed spirit, known as ZED.

Vivian Ziweya is reported to have gone on the drinking spree at Chakohwa Business Centre on Christmas Eve where she consumed one too many.

She returned home during early hours of Christmas Day excessively drunk.

“Her colleague woke her up to have breakfast, but Ziweya could not help herself due to drunkenness.

She slept under a tree vomiting opaque beer and watery fluids suspected to be ZED. She had difficulty in breathing and she died before admission at Chakohwa Clinic the same day,” said Chabata.

“People should always enjoy responsibly and avoid excessive drinking especially that of illicit beers,” he added.

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