Council closes nursery


KWEKWE — Council has resolved to ignore protests against them proposed closure of Kwekwe Nursery School.

The local authority wants to create more space for the expansion of an adjacent clinic.Mayor Shadreck Tobaiwa said council would go ahead and close the council-owned early learning centre to expand Al Davis Clinic.

He dismissed claims by the nursery school committee that the local authority had signed a 20-year lease, which still had 10 years to go.
Instead, Tobaiwa accused the committee of using forged documents.

“We will stick to the resolution which was passed by council to close the nursery and expand the clinic.

The committee running that nursery has forged documents and this council cannot be bound by fake lease agreements,” Tobaiwa told a full council meeting last week.

“I was a detective for many years and I can tell a forged document when I see one. I saw those documents and they are fake.”

But the nursery chairperson Phillip Boka dismissed allegations that they held forged documents.
“That nursery has been there for the past 50 years and for council to allege that the community has been running it based on forged documents is just dishonest,” he said.

“We have hired a lawyer and we will be challenging the local authority in an effort to save our children.”
Ward 11 councillor Queenly Chitopo, who is leading the fight against the closure of the nursery, said the area had enough health institutions, which are only 5km apart.

Al Davis Clinic is less than a kilometre from Kwekwe General Hospital and 500 metres from the privately-owned Topomas Clinic.

Other health institutions close by include Multichoice Clinic and a number of surgeries in the area.