MDC-T gives Chombo ammunition


Local Government, Urban and Rural Development minister Ignatius Chombo has claimed MDC-T’s decision to investigate its councillors suspected of corruption has vindicated him after accusations he interferes too much with operations of councils.

“Welcome aboard MDC-T,” Chombo said. “It’s a realisation MDC-T admits its councillors are corrupt and are up to make benefits instead of serving the residents.

“That I have said before and they choose now to agree with me.

“They thought I was politicking and I say the sooner they commission the probe team the better.”

Chombo said the MDC-T leadership must act quickly to deal with corrupt councillors and make their findings public.

The minister — since the emergence of MDC-T-controlled councils — has used his powers to fire councillors and mayors from the former opposition party accusing them of corruption and incompetence.

Harare, Chitungwiza and Mutare are some of the councils that suffered from the Zanu PF minister’s wrath.

Chombo is accused of trying to dilute the MDC-T-dorminated councils through the back door after Zanu PF candidates lost in elections.

MDC-T’s national executive council last week resolved to “set up committees to investigate and audit each of the councillors and set up councils that will consider issues of good governance, accountability and policy consistency”.

The party said it would fire all councillors found on the wrong side of the law. Chombo told NewsDay on Thursday MDC-T had finally seen the light.

MDC-T has often cited Chombo’s decisions to fire councillors and replace them with Zanu PF-aligned commissioners as one of the reasons the capital city is in doldrums.

An investigation commissioned by council last year revealed Zanu PF politicians had taken advantage of the last commission led by Sekesai Makwavarara to illegally acquire vast tracts of land in the capital.

Chombo has tried to stop the Harare council from investigating the scam further.