SA King to build school in Mbembesi


MBEMBESI — Visiting South Africa-based Xhosa King, Zwelonke Sigcawu, is planning to engage the Zimbabwean government to facilitate the teaching of Xhosa in schools as part of efforts to uphold the tribe’s identity.

Xhosa Royal Council chief executive officer, Zolani Mkiva, told journalists on the sidelines of a circumcision ceremony at Sojini village in Mbembesi, Matabeleland North on Thursday that King Sigcawu wanted to go into partnership with the government to build a private school in the area and the monarch would provide teachers who would teach the language.

“We notice that one of the challenges faced by the local Xhosa people is that there is no school teaching their language,” Mkiva said. “In a bid to preserve their language and identity, His Majesty will engage government on the private school initiative.”

Earlier addressing the Xhosa community, King Sigcawu said they were in the country to observe the cultural practices of the local Xhosas.

“I am here to see my grandfather’s people and see how they carry out their cultural practices and in the process identify similarities and try to correct anomalies if at all they exist,” he said.

King Sigcawu added that he was happy to see the Xhosa people united and observing their cultural practices.

The kng’s entourage has held meetings with neighbouring Umguza MP Obert Mpofu and Local Government, Urban and Rural Development minister, Ignatius Chombo since its arrival in Zimbabwe.

Yesterday, the king was expected to attend the celebration of the re-union of the Xhosa in South Africa and the ones in Zimbabwe at Sojini Secondary School.


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