MP promotes peace through football


KADOMA – Hundreds of youths gathered at Rimuka Stadium yesterday for a soccer tournament meant to promote peace and bring to an end political and domestic violence obtaining across the country.

Addressing the youths, Kadoma Central MP Editor Matamisa (MDC-T) said the gesture by the youths who were the main targets of violence was noble and should not end with engagement in sport alone.

She said political and domestic violence affected innocent children through displacement of families, while others were orphaned in tragic cases where victims of the violence lost their lives.

“Our children are the most affected by any form of violence and it is therefore very important for us to stop violence in any form for the sack of these youths who in 2008 were left homeless, fatherless and some facing a future of disability,” Matamisa said.

The MP told NewsDay that after a horrific 2008 presidential runoff election which saw her husband Cornelius abducted by suspected State security forces, girls being raped while others lost their lives, she pledged to do everything possible to flush out violence from Kadoma.

“2008 was very painful, I was arrested by the police for no reason, my husband was abducted by soldiers, girls raped and other people killed, and this is what motivates us to fight for peace in Kadoma,” Matamisa said

“If you want violence please get out of Kadoma because our youths don’t want to be used or abused by people who pay them to beat up other people, we are for peace.” Kadoma Mayor Peter Matambo, who also attended the event, urged young people to spread the message of peace from families to relatives, friends and perceived foes.