Dairibord donates bins to Harare


Harare City Council yesterday received 176 litter bins from Dairibord Zimbabwe Limited (DZL), a donation the local authority said would go a long way in their efforts to bring the capital back to its “Sunshine City” status.

Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda welcomed the donation saying this was a positive intervention in view of Harare’s ballooning population.

“The growth of population in the city inevitably results in more litter since where there are more people there is more litter. The amount of litter is just too much and we need to come together to make the city clean.”

Masunda added: “We all need to take responsibility of our environment because we do not want to get to a point where we will have to fine people for littering.”

DZL managing director Thompson Mabika said: “One of the most fundamental tools is collection of waste and bins are a necessity which is why we have made this investment of providing the city with 176 bins.

Harare needs to be synonymous with clean streets, so we must stand up and contribute in whatever way we can.”