Woman defecates at market


A Gweru woman on Tuesday stunned people at Kudzanayi Bus Terminus, when she defecated in full view of the public at a flea market, in protest over her stall which had allegedly been allocated to another vendor by municipal authorities.

The woman was identified as Muteliso or Musoja, a nickname she reportedly received due to her bravery and bulky body build.

Eyewitnesses at the scene of the incident said Musoja woke up to find another woman with her wares already spread at her stall, prompting her to confront the unnamed vendor.

A heated argument ensued, with the two women trading vulgar words, but were restrained by fellow vendors from engaging in a fistfight.

Musoja, who also operates as a foreign currency dealer and loader for cross-border buses, is said to have gone berserk and removed her long pants before ejecting a huge pile of stool in full view of the public.

Business is said to have come to a standstill as a sizeable crowd converged to witness Musoja going about her business uninterrupted as no one dared go near her.

Touts at the bus rank are said to have started whistling in approval, while others shied away in disgust. A foreign currency dealer operating nearby said the stall had been a subject of wrangling for some time.

“I have never seen anything like this before. It was a real spectacle.

“What happened is that Muteliso conducted business at her stall last night (Monday), but when she came here this morning she found her table thrown away and replaced with another woman’s. This led to a quarrel and the two women were almost at each other’s throats,” said the forex dealer.

Police were later called in, but it took them a while to apprehend Musoja who was strongly resisting arrest. According to witnesses, it took eight police officers to arrest her. Gweru police were not immediately available to comment on the matter yesterday.

The stool was later removed by her rival who continued with her business for the rest of the day.