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Zimbos want dollar to remain banished


Following a Zanu PF resolution at its just-ended national conference in Bulawayo to push for the reintroduction of the Zimbabwe dollar alongside the Chinese yuan, NewsDay Staff Reporter Moses Matenga went on the streets of Harare yesterday to gather public views on the issue.

Most of the people interviewed were against the bringing back of the Zimdollar with some of them saying it was a scary proposition. Below is what some of the people said:

George Mungoni, businessman: “We don’t need the Zimdollar now, not at the moment.

The economy has started picking up, prices are stable and in any case those calling for its reintroduction are the people who presided over what brought chaos and suffering to the people of Zimbabwe.

What new ideas do they have now? To hell with the Zimdollar! We also don’t want the Chinese currency anywhere near.”

Fordson Mudinhe, Milton Park resident: “I don’t see the use of the Zimdollar feasible now or any time soon.

They should leave the situation like this and stop reminding us of what we went through during the Zimdollar era. This is not the time to be talking about that.”

Mundione Mutimba, vendor: “It’s a Zanu PF resolution and it has nothing to do with the government position. The problem that caused the Zimdollar to crash is still there and remains unresolved, so why rush to bring it back?

It doesn’t help to have lots of money that is valueless. We used to carry huge quantities of money that bought nothing and now we are happy with the current set-up where we are using multi-currencies.”

Sekai Chachona, photo lab assistant: “It is valueless and doesn’t make sense to bring it back right now.

It’s our currency yes, but it doesn’t make sense to have it back now.”

Cynthia Mbirimi, Mt Pleasant resident: “Things are well as they stand now and we cannot have another Zimdollar era. We are now beginning to invest and buy property because of the multi-currency system.

They want to reintroduce the Zimdollar for their selfish gains. They want to be in control of the cash especially with calls for elections.

They want to use those worthless dollars to campaign like what (Reserve Bank Governor Gideon) Gono did in the last elections. It’s a Zanu PF thing that will find no takers.”

Irvin Mukajami, artist: “The Zimdollar has a lot of problems like money-laundering and it aids corruption.

At the end of the day, the rich will remain rich and the poor will be even poorer. I would go for a Sadc currency like in Europe they have the euro. We need to settle and stabilise.”

Primrose Chinhengo, businesswoman:
“We are tired of this Zimdollar talk. We don’t need that now because it only means chaos and more chaos.

Why the Zimdollar now when we are beginning to stabilise? Why now? We associate the Zimdollar with long queues, cash shortages, hyperinflation and no one in his right senses now should be heard making mention to the Zimdollar.”

Charles Madondo, lab assistant: “No to the Zimdollar now because we all know that period was like hell. Some of us were still at school and things were hard for everyone.

Those who had, benefited more and the poor remained poor. The US dollar has brought back smiles to our faces. The return of the Zimdollar will bring back bad, sad memories.”

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