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Dhewa commemorated


A recent commemoration of the International Human Rights Day was almost turned into a Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo festival after fellow musicians Freddy “Kapfupi” Majalima and Sulumani Chimbetu took turns to perform renditions of some of the late sungura star’s popular songs.

Moyo died in October after a six-year-long battle with a cancer called non-Hodgkins’ lymphoma.

Guests literally broke down in tears when Kapfupi played one of Moyo’s hits Muchina Muhombe.
Later, Kapfupi urged fans to rally behind Dhewa’s heir and son, Peter.

“Please let’s go and support Peter Moyo because by supporting him we will be supporting sekuru Tongai,”said Kapfupi.

Chimbetu also concurred, adding that supporting Peter’s shows would help preserve the Utakataka legacy.

“If you see me you can see my father, ndirikunyepa here? (Am I lying?) His legacy cannot vanish. So if we really want Dhewa’s legacy to remain alive then artists and their fans must support him in any way possible,” said Chimbetu

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