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Chaos as Lil Wayne look-alike intrudes space


A look-alike of US rapper Lil Wayne caused mayhem at Hush — a top-of-the-line club in Johannesburg on Saturday — when he was mistaken for the rap icon who was billed to make an appearance at the club.

In extensive briefings to NewsDay, authoritative sources in Johannesburg said the Lil Wayne look-alike — Antonio Kalembe (Young Nucho) — walked into the club in grand style, escorted by an entourage of bodyguards and crew.

The South Africa-based Lil Wayne “counterfeit” is part of the Sleek Note hip- hop outfit managed by SA-based Zimbabwean dancehall artist, Buffalo Souljah.

When Young Nucho got into the club, all hell broke loose as patrons swarmed the group, which they mistook for Lil Wayne and Young Money. Though Young Nucho tried to calm fans telling them he was not Lil Wayne, they kept swarming him.

The mêlée forced Young Money to order Sleek Note to leave the club as they could not afford having “two Lil Wayne’s in one club”.

Lil Wayne’s DJ — Scubi Doo — started throwing potshots at Young Nucho and Sleek Note: “Yo f*** that nigga, that’s not Wayne, but fake Wayne. That’s not Young Money, they are Young nothing, no money.”

A disappointed Young Nucho said the treatment he got from Lil Wayne did not come as a surprise.

“This has been happening to me for the past five years. People mistake me for Weezy, but it doesn’t faze me. All I am trying to be and do is to make music, that’s all,” he said.

Buffalo Souljah said he was highly disappointed by Lil Wayne’s reaction.

“Is it a crime to look like Lil Wayne? I don’t think so. I wonder why Lil Wayne’s management was mad and ordered Young Nucho to leave the club because he looked like him,” he said.

He further condemned the treatment they received from fellow musicians.

“The physical and facial similarity between Young Money’s Lil Wayne and Sleek Note’s Young Nucho is not an artificially created resemblance.

It is very unfortunate that such degrading and uncalled for behaviour was unleashed on Sleek Note to a point of being kicked out of club Hush,” he said.

One of the Sleek Note members Ace (real name Honarato Estacio) said: “It was never our intention to model or build Nucho around Lil Wayne’s persona. Just because one of our members looks like Lil Wayne, does not mean we are trying to imitate Young Money or be like them.”

According to posts on social networks, Lil Wayne fans have been confused by the surfacing of Young Nucho as they are not sure if they posed for pictures with “the real Lil Wayne” or Young Nucho.

Meanwhile, Young Nucho has composed a damage control track titled I’m not Wayne which features Buffalo Souljah in response to the altercation he had with Lil Wayne’s management.

Despite the hiccups in the club, Lil Wayne put up a five-star performance at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg over the weekend. He was joined on stage by Drake.

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