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Constituency Spotlight


Buhera South Constituency – MP Naison Nemadziva (MDC-T)

People in this constituency had no kind words for the MP whom they accused of being the same as Kumbirai Kangai of Zanu PF who was their legislator from 1980 to 2008 without any notable development.

Simon Chingwidze (resident)
“He is one of the worst legislators. Muzokomba Clinic needs an extension and a mortuary.

“The road which links Murambinda growth point to Birchnough Bridge is in a poor state and there are no boreholes for the constituency.

“Imagine 1 000 students at Muzokomba High School are surviving with a single borehole. The MP must be serious.”

Joseph Chinotimba (losing Zanu PF candidate)
“He is not serious because there is a severe drought in the constituency. Most of the boreholes have gone dry and dams are dry, but he has done nothing for the people.

“I have been going around the constituency and just imagine a potential growth point like Muzokomba has no public toilet, what a shame.

“I am a member of Fushai gardening group, which is helping old people and orphans in this constituency, but surprisingly he has never set foot there.”

Ceaphers Magarira (resident)
“We walk for almost 10km to Mainzo Dam for water because most of our dams are dry.

“This is a dry area — the MP is there, but he is doing nothing and this is not a problem for ward 24 only, but the whole constituency is crying.

“Our schools deserve better, for example we have Muzokomba Secondary School, which was supposed to be a boarding school.

“I think the MP is like Kumbirai Kangai who was the MP for this constituency for more than 25 years, but failed to do anything for the constituency.”

Response from the MP
“I have tried to do everything, but the people failed to understand what I had done because initially that was the worst constituency because there was no development at all.

“I was able to bring in material in schools, in fact most schools are now well furnished because of me and if you go to councillors they can confirm that.
“Secondly, I have managed to give Nyadi Secondary School and Mukodza Secondary School classroom blocks.

“So my first priority is education and for now I think I have achieved a lot and as for drought, we have been going around with my councillors looking for donors to get money for dams.

“However, if you go around looking for something, there is no guarantee that you will get it.”

Chiundura Constituency – MP Kizito Chivamba (Zanu PF)
This is the biggest constituency in Gweru as it covers rural Chiundura, peri-urban areas surrounding Gweru as well as some parts of the urban Midlands capital like Senga and Mkoba 4, 5, 14 and 19.

It has 12 wards and people have mixed views about their MP.

What people said about their MP
Enock Paradzai (youth from Senga)
“I know the MP very well because he sometimes comes here for meetings.

“Development-wise, I feel a lot needs to be done especially to help us youths get employment.”
Courage Munetsi (A Chiundura commuter omnibus driver)

“The MP has done tremendous work in our area. Last time I heard that youths were doing brick-moulding projects. At least that is better.”

Stabile Ndlovu (Mkoba 14 resident)
“I do not know much about politics, but I know the MP.
“I heard he is helping Mkoba 4 Primary School and the Roman Catholic Church, I am not sure if it is true though. If that is the case, he should keep it up.”

Amanda Mungoshi (Nehosho resident)
“The demarcation of this constituency is weird. How could we have sparsely located areas in the same constituency like Mkoba and Senga in Gweru while Chiundura is in the rural areas?

“It makes it difficult for business to be conducted effectively because of the distance and diverging interests between wards.

“But generally the MP has not done much to write home about.”

Response by the MP
“We are doing a lot of development work in my area.

“I donated laboratory equipment at Gunde and Chiundura seconday schools.

“I also started construction of Chishaya Secondary School from scratch after it had been on the cards since 1992.

“It is now at slab level and needs more than $60 000 and this is good for Masvori resettlement area.
“In many construction projects, communities provide labour while I chip in with materials.

“I also donated 20 benches each at Chitepo and Romack secondary schools and helped with the roofing and renovation of Tangwena, Nyabango and Gambiza schools. I also repaired a dam which had burst in Gambiza which is in Ward 10.”

“However, the major problem is that the $50 000 provided under the Constituency Development Fund is too little to cover all the projects we are undertaking.

“So we are waiting for another allocation to come so that we finish the projects.

“Another problem in my constituency is that I am a Zanu PF MP working mostly with MDC councillors in the urban wards so they will never say I have done good things.”

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