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Zanu PF not a shopping mall — Khaya Moyo


Zanu PF national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday said Zanu PF was “not a shopping mall” where people splash money to buy leadership positions.

Addressing delegates at the ongoing Zanu PF national conference in Bulawayo, Moyo said the party would not allow imposition of candidates in the next general elections.

“Corruption and other vices must be exposed and the culprits punished accordingly. Zanu PF is not a shopping mall and those who use money to buy votes or support, must not hold leadership positions,’’ said Moyo amid rapturous applause.

“As a revolutionary party, Zanu PF has no virus in its political culture,” said Moyo. “We must, therefore, win resoundingly the coming elections. There is no other option. The test of our party’s character has always
been the ability to meet and overcome challenges. There must, therefore, be no imposition of candidates in any constituency. We must listen to the people and stay with the people. From the people we come and to the people we must return.”

Moyo said Zanu PF should consider introducing the concept of recalling non-performing ministers it would have seconded to government.

“Government is a product of the party. The party is always supreme. Those who are political appointees in government or elsewhere must perform and remain accountable to the party and hence to the people, at all times. The party has to devise means to advise the President (Robert Mugabe) to recall non-performers. The clarion call is: people first and performance now.”

He lauded party leader President Mugabe as a “tested leader” and “iconic” figure who had managed to steer the country through “gusty political winds and stormy economic waters” .

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