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UN climate talks on edge


The United Nations climate talks were edging into the final hours on Friday as the 194 countries struggled to find middle ground for an elusive deal.

Remaining obstacles, according to negotiators involved in the talks are serious, but some described the mood as constructive.

Few were willing to bet on an outcome, apart from the point that talks will continue long into Saturday morning.

Africa Group chief negotiator Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu remained adamant “middle ground would be struck” if parties remain resolute to find a lasting solution to the changing climatic conditions.

“We do not want to be too rigid on our key positions,” he said.

“It is a give-and-take situation, and so Africa still wants a second commitment to the Kyoto Protocol as well as operationalisation of the Green Climate Fund.

“The fund is important to us and, of course, its governance. At the moment we do not have even its shell.

“COP 17 must produce a shell to start with, other mechanisms will be worked out from that.”

He spoke as top European Union climate negotiator Connie Hedegaard warned the United States, China and India could scuttle a proposal to save the only treaty that has governed global warming emissions from developed nations.

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