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Maganga denies Tripple B allegations


Zifa legal advisor Ralph Maganga has distanced himself from allegations raised by Central Region Division One team Tripple B in their ongoing fight for a ticket into the Premier Soccer League.

Tripple B wrote to Zifa last week raising concern over the composition of an Appeals Committee to hear their case against Hardbody, who were docked 42 points for using an improperly registered player but have appealed.

The case was to be heard last week, but was called off as Zifa sought to deal with match fixing allegations in the region.

Tripple B wrote in their complaint: “In terms of Section 7 of Zifa Rules and Regulations, Tripple B F.C. has on good authority that the appeal favoured to your office was drafted by Maganga who happens to be related to Takesure Sibanda who is the owner of Hardbody FC,” wrote Gibson Makhanda, the Tripple B secretary general.

“Mr Maganga is a direct influence to the Appeals Committee Board comprising of (Tererai) Gunje and T. Sangarwe. It is our humble request that standing Appeal Committee be substituted for there are several glaring irregularities that they have waived.

“Tripple B F.C. strongly believes there shall be no justice if this committee proceeds on the matter. May we be favoured with the names of the new impartial and untainted Appeals Committee.”

In response Maganga, through his lawyers said: “Our client is not related in any way to the said Takesure Sibanda whether by blood or socially.

The only member of Hardbody known to client is Phithius Shoko who happens to be member of Zimratu for which client provides legal counsel.

“Client has never had any discussions with any member of Hardbody regarding any matter football related. He does not know the contents of the appeal and certainly did not draft or prepare them.

“Our client has no direct influence on the appeals committee board; the committee consists of professionals to whom the allegations made must be an insult to their intelligence. Our client ceased to be a member of the Appeals Committee in 2009 to become the Zifa Legal Advisor.

“Infact, he does not sit on any of the judicial bodies and has no direct control or otherwise in the committees work. There are no ‘glaring irregularities’ that have been waived as alleged by the originator of the letter.

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