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Dynamos threaten players


Dynamos have threatened to wield the axe on players they suspect to have leaked information to the media of a bonus row between players and the club executive.

NewsDay Sport yesterday published a story of a clash between players and the club executive over outstanding bonuses for winning the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League title and the Mbada Diamonds Cup.

Players are accusing the executive of reneging on their earlier promise of awarding them half of the $75 000 prize money from Mbada Diamonds Cup.

The players said they were promised $1 300 for the trophy and almost the same amount for winning the league. However, they were on Tuesday given $30 000 to share among themselves and a promise of getting the rest on Wednesday next week.

Most players ended up getting a maximum of $1 100 while others got less. They were told to forget completely about any bonus for winning the league.

Dynamos chairman Kenny Mubaiwa yesterday morning converged a meeting with his executive where a consensus to fire the “culprits” was reached.

“To be honest I’m very disappointed with this issue,” said a fuming Mubaiwa. “I hate dealing with people who do not seem to understand some simple things.

The treasurer Webster Chikengezha spoke to captain George Magariro over the money issue and they were all in agreement.

For some of these players to then go behind us and rush to the Press is just unacceptable.

“I know it’s just a few who are doing it. We are going to investigate and I promise you heads will certainly roll.

“The problem is there are some players in the team who think they are untouchable. Unfortunately the club is bigger than all the players.

“As a club we have a protocol and channels which we follow to air out grievances. If a player is not happy with something, he should approach the captain who in turn should talk to the team manager.

The player can also talk to the coach or any member of the technical team, and not the Press.

“And why is it that those players always run to the media when such things happen, but do not say anything when we do good things for them?

We have been paying them good winning bonuses even in cup competitions where they are not supposed to be paid, but they go on to complain about $7 500.

That amount is very little if compared to the money we have pumped out to the players.

“We have sacrificed a lot for these players, but it seems some are not grateful. In any case, it’s not like we are not going to give them all their money. They will get it all on Wednesday.

For those who want to boycott the Wednesday event, they can do that, but appropriate action will be taken.”

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