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Writer challenges people to have guts


Personal development consultant, Shepherd Magombedze, has released a book titled Guts in which he challenges people to be courageous enough to navigate their way out of mediocrity.

Published by Veriest Solutions in Harare this year, the book explores how God packaged man completely, with his nature and attributes.

The author, however, bemoans people’s lack the boldness and courage to come out of their shells and fulfil the purpose they were meant to accomplish.

“This dominion, this authority over everything, this power to create is not what we are seeing today . . . Man has failed to control nature,” he writes.

Drawing extensively on biblical teachings, Magombedze explores the significance of visualisation as one pursues their dream. He notes that after visualisation, the vision has to be written down for continuous reference.

He further observes faith can only work where, and when, there is a vision.

He shows how projecting the vision through speaking is also critical for its fruition. He describes this as the God-given power to bring things into being.

Magombedze describes guts as “courage, energy or determination” in line with the general dictionary definition. He then delineates the distinction between a winner and a loser in life, and ties that in the way two different people view themselves.

There is a call in the book to revisit values and this emerges as the author interrogates how we often limit ourselves to the narrow confines of our worldly, material possessions when the whole world is waiting for us.

The author further shows how one’s perception of self is a determinant in whether or not they go far, succeed or fail in life.

A raft of virtues that include time-consciousness, diligence, knowledge as well as a good attitude, is presented as an important factor in one’s eventual success.

This is a short, but well thought-out and reflective book than can be a manual for success in different areas of life. One, indeed, has to have “guts” if they are to make something of their life.

This is a book which those who are looking for ways to get out of a stagnant vicious cycle, need to study and be inspired, to think outside the box and break the barriers of limitation. His previous books include Passion for Excellence.

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