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Mugabe endorsement a formality


There is no alternative to, or better candidate than President Robert Mugabe in Zanu PF. The best all others in Zanu PF can ever aspire for is to be vice-presidents. That much is a fact because they have said so.

Even a child in primary school wishes to be number one in class, why then do all in Zanu PF want to be number two?

These are not my words, but Zanu PF’s own belief and virtual anthem, recited like The Lord’s Prayer for over 30 years.

The late VP Simon Muzenda said it, the late VP Joseph Msika said it, Didymus Mutasa said it, Emmerson Mnangagwa said it, Patrick Chinamasa said it, Webster Shamu said it, and even Jabulani Sibanda said it, over and over again.

President Mugabe himself has said it and has explained, time and time again, that he could not leave, at all the times that he could have, “when his party is in such a state”.

At one time, he couldn’t leave before the land was in the hands of the people and, when the imperialists were waiting and poised there on the horizon, to pounce and recolonise Zimbabwe. Fact or scare tactics? Judge for yourself.

But what is this state in Zanu PF that makes it impossible and impractical for its leader to retire? Is it progressive or retrogressive? And, why has it remained so for over 30 years?

President Mugabe is unchallengeable in Zanu PF. He is Zanu PF and Zanu PF is him . . . Period! All talk of recalcitrant members and securocrats holding him to ransom is mere folklore and children’s bed-time stories.

Everyone knows that beyond President Mugabe, there just is no Zanu PF . . . it will erupt and break up into meaningless regional smithereens due to internecine power struggles, which have been rumbling like distant thunder or molten lava, but for President Mugabe.

This is an inconvenient truth! At 87, the old fox still rules the roost and no one can dare take him on. The brand moved from Zanu PF to President Mugabe a long time ago and he is the sole active ingredient in the Zanu PF mix. Without him, Zanu PF is finished!

What is more is that, they all know it. . .!
Simba Makoni and Dumiso Dabengwa tried and failed, with the myths that had been created over Makoni and the “Black Russian” dissipating like morning dew.

Makoni was pulverised, the Black Russian was sent packing back to his roots of tribal politics in Matabeleland, where he is trying to appeal to kith and kin.

But the original Zapu under the late Joshua Nkomo was not a tribal party.

At one time it was the biggest political party in the land.

While he still had a slot at the feeding trough, Dabengwa never saw anything wrong with President Mugabe and Zanu PF.

He only raised qualms when he was left out to moulder, away from the trough, much the same way as Welshman Mabhena. I suppose a baby never cries when the breast is in the mouth.

But what kind of politics is this that only questions the powers that be when kicked off the gravy train?

No one can stand up to President Mugabe in Zanu PF, that is why they would much rather whisper in the deep and resort to WikiLeaks in the hope that he would never get to know what they feel about him.

Even the celebrated Dr Eddison Zvobgo had to qualify his aspirations to become president by suggesting he would only be interested in the post if President Mugabe didn’t want to stand anymore.

But President Mugabe himself is made of different and sterner stuff — I am told that, at the Gweru congress, in Zanu’s formative years, he was nominated by Simpson Mutambanengwe and stood for president, against Ndabaningi Sithole, and lost!

Against this backdrop, who really is the cause of lack of renewal at the top . . . President Mugabe or the rest of the Zanu PF crew?

Already, amid grumbles, all the provinces have endorsed him, and come end of conference this week, he will romp home resoundingly, even though Mutasa says the conference is not an elective gathering.

Not a single delegate will dare speak against President Mugabe’s continuance as leader and president.

In other jurisdictions, people without spine are called jellyfish or eunuchs!

Zanu PF is damned if they don’t run with President Mugabe as presidential candidate, for all times, and they are damned if they do!

This is the reality that stares them in the face. Don’t blame me, I am only a messenger and saying it like it is — they spawned the paradox, so they must live with it.

But the phenomenon of presidents wanting to continue in office for life is not unique to Zimbabwe. Many presidents attempt to continue in office, with some succeeding and others failing.

South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki, Bakili Muluzi of Malawi and Sam Nujoma of Namibia had all attempted to get third terms, but for their respective parties who disabused them of the notion. Realising this human frailty, many countries have now put limitation of terms in their constitutions.

President Mugabe will be endorsed as Zanu PF’s presidential candidate for the next election.

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