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Mayor seeks Chombo axe on special councillors


Harare Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda is seeking the ouster of six special interest councillors appointed by Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo over alleged non-performance.

Masunda wrote a letter to Chombo congratulating him for appointing a new special interest councillor, Tariro Chikumbirike, a media, HIV and Aids specialist, but turned the heat as he came hard on other appointed councillors.

The mayor said performance of the six was below par and they had not made meaningful impact in the standing committees and council businesses where they were attached.

“These councillors — Messrs MH Allana, K Kuchekwa, AB Martens, M Mudukuti, SI Mutumbwa, and Charles Nyachowe — I humbly beseech you to consider revoking their appointments and replacing them with persons of your own choice drawn from special interest organisations,” Masunda wrote.

Masunda said the only councillors whom Chombo appointed and were performing well were Sasha Jogi, Hironimo Torongo Torongo, Lisbon Mutizwa Marufu and Tembinkosi Magwaliba.

One of special interest councillors fingered by Masunda for underperforming, Charles Nyachowe, once wrote to the mayor charging he was misplacing his priorities.

“If you look at the agendas of council, you won’t find the issue of water on the agenda, but it is an important issue that needs immediate attention. While he (Masunda) argues the matter is discussed in committee, there is no discussion in the full council meeting.

“The issue is now being debated because I personally brought it up. I am not an elected councillor, but I went into council to help solve problems. If we fail, we fail together and he (Masunda) feels offended,” said Nyachowe.

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