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I am under pressure — Peter Moyo


The late Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo’s debt and huge family is currently weighing heavily on his son Peter’s shoulders.

Peter (22) took over the reins of Utakataka Express outfit after the death of his father on October 15 following after a long battle with cancer.

But it has emerged that Peter had to fulfil shows for which his father had been partially paid.

Apparently Dhewa left behind over 10 children who are all looking to the young musician for support.

A source close to Utakataka Express said Peter had to receive a meagre income after playing at shows that his father had booked.

“Dhewa had entered into numerous contracts owing to his dire cash flow situation which was being strained by his medical condition. He had to cover huge bills and could not turn away show offers,” said the source.

A bar owner in the capital confirmed he had booked and paid for two shows by Dhewa.

“We had signed contracts for two shows that were fully paid for and what Peter is doing is that he is just fulfilling his father’s contractual arrangements,” said the bar owner, who refused to be named.

Asked whether Peter and his band were performing for free he said: “Practically, yes, but we just pay for some of their expenses because it is not his fault that his father is not here to fulfil his obligations.

We are actually happy that he has acted like a gentleman. If he was someone else he would just tell anyone he did not sign any contracts.”

Peter, who is now the bread winner for his seven siblings, admitted the family burden is heavy since he also has to look after the band.

“The pressure is too much at the moment as everyone looks up to me, I have to make sure I cater for those at our rural home, look for schooling places for my siblings and make sure everyone else is OK.

“I have to pay all the bills at home and at work. As we speak (yesterday) I am going to buy groceries for my grandmother.

“I thank God that so far we are managing and there are a number of business people who have approached me with business proposals. I hope I will cope,” said Peter.

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