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‘Gun-toting’ RBZ official acquitted


A Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) senior official, John Mafararikwa, who was arrested last week on allegations of pointing a firearm at his girlfriend, Norah Spie, and chasing her Hollywood movie-style, was yesterday found not guilty of any offence.

Harare magistrate, Elijah Makomo, ruled the State had failed to prove a case against Mafararikwa and acquitted him.

“Complainant had stayed with the accused and had always seen the pistols, but she told the court she could not identify which of the two pistols was produced,” the magistrate said.

He also questioned Spie’s claims of how the pistol was pointed at her — lifted only to waist level.

“How could she fail to identify the pistol that was raised to the waist level, and the court wonders whether the pistol was a machine gun such that it could only be lifted to the waist level,” Makomo said drawing laughter from the gallery.

“The State has not proven beyond reasonable doubt that accused indeed pointed a gun at the complainant and therefore he is found not guilty and acquitted,” he ruled.

Mafararikwa had been charged with contravening Section 27 (b) of the Firearms Act, which prohibits pointing a firearm at somebody.

In his defence, Mafararikwa, a former advisor to the executive director of the International Monetary Fund denied ever producing a gun on the day in question.

He admitted on November 13, he blocked Spie’s way after realising she had collected her belongings from his house and wanted to ask her when she was going to surrender car keys.

Mafararikwa further told the court his actions came about after Spie left him without telling him where she was residing.

He denied chasing her in his top-of-the-range vehicle saying he could not risk damaging his cars over an iPad as alleged by Spie.

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