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Radio DJ threatens suicide


In a stunning revelation that is set to send tongues wagging across the country, a popular ZBC radio producer/presenter recently allegedly threatened to commit suicide after a failed bid to force his pregnant girlfriend to abort.

The 28-year-old, Shamiso Chitsaka, who arrived for an interview in the company of a friend , alleges that she is carrying Power FM programmes producer/presenter and popular DJ Tinashe Chikuse’s 16-weeks-old baby in her womb.

But the radio heartthrob denies the allegations.
Chikuse, said Shamiso, then spurned her and has since paid lobola for another woman.

The Warren Park-based woman further alleged that the dreadlocked broadcaster had promised to marry her, but when she fell pregnant, he suddenly changed his mind and started talking about terminating the pregnancy. They started dating in August this year after a series of conversations on Facebook social network.

She said after a few outings, the relationship became sexual.

“He refused to use protection their first time and after we slept together on about two more occasions, I told him I wanted a baby at which he freaked out saying he did not want a baby at that moment. Ironically, he went on preferring unprotected sex and I subsequently fell pregnant.”

All hell broke loose on Shamiso in the first week of September when she broke the pregnancy news to the Breakfast Morning Show presenter who crossed the floor from Spot FM a few years ago.

On hearing the news for the first time, Chitsaka claims Chikuse appeared shell-shocked and immediately afterwards demanded that the pregnancy be aborted.

“When I refused, he then tried to sweet-talk me into acceptance promising to give me good money in return, but I was always going to have none of that,” she said.

“You could see he was really concerned. He even broke down saying, ‘I better die and follow my father to the grave, but I have a sick mother whose medical bills I am footing’ as he tried to persuade me to accept abortion,” said the 28-year-old mother of one.

She also said he would pitifully beg with her to accept the abortion offer when the suicide threats failed to materialise.

Chitsaka also alleged she at one point agreed to accept Chikuse’s abortion offer and they drove to a city medical centre (name supplied) for consultations but on arrival, he refused to accompany her to the doctor.

“I developed doubts over his sincerity and so when I went inside, instead of inquiring about abortion, I changed the story and asked for a maternity quotation.”

The following day, said Chitsaka, Chikuse called her intending to giver her the money for abortion but she told him over the phone that she was no longer interested in terminating the pregnancy.

When contacted by phone for comment on Monday, Chikuse denied all the allegations saying he does not even know who Chitsaka was.

“Who are you? I do not know this Shamiso, I did not impregnate her so she is lying.

“The connection is bad I can not hear you properly),” was all he could say before hanging up.

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