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Moyo under fire over PM’s ‘marriage’


The MDC-T has scoffed at calls by Zanu PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo for Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to undergo a public HIV test or step down from public office.

The party said Moyo’s call had no legal basis.

Commenting on the Premier’s alleged marriage to Harare businesswoman Lorcadia Tembo in his weekly Sunday Mail column titled “Morgan’s open-zip and shut-mind approaches”, Moyo accused the MDC-T leader of being a promiscuous politician.

“There’s no way under the sun that this very serious question can be put to rest or even wished away without Tsvangirai publicly taking an HIV test with the results being made public if he wants the public to trust him and respect him given the fiasco of his confirmed sexual promiscuity,” wrote Moyo in his article.

“There would be no basis whatsoever for calling on him to come clean on his HIV status if he had not only kept his affairs private, but if also the public record showed that he condomises, which we now all know he does not do.”

But MDC-T deputy national spokesperson Thabitha Khumalo yesterday challenged Moyo to go for the test himself.

“What makes him think that he is cleaner than what he is saying about the PM?

“Is his moral fibre clean himself?

“Can he also go for an HIV test himself and lead by example?” she said.

Khumalo said in any case, HIV testing in Zimbabwe was voluntary.

“There is no law compelling anyone to do so. Why should the PM go for an HIV test on the order of Moyo?” Khumalo asked.

Tembo is reportedly pregnant with Tsvangirai’s twins and the two had planned to marry.
However, the PM issued a statement last week saying he had ended the relationship because of interference by State security agencies among other players.

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