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Dube fights back


Zifa president Cuthbert Dube says questions about his rise to the top post in football in Zimbabwe are issues for the councillors who elected him and not fellow board members.

Dube was responding to a letter last week which asked him to step aside to facilitate investigations on his election. The letter was written by Southern Region boss Gift Banda after he and his Central Region counterpart Patrick Hokonya were fingered in a corruption scandal.

Dube, in the last board meeting, attempted to suspend the pair to facilitate investigations. The scandal in the Central Region was torched by match-fixing involving Division One sides Hardbody and Tripple B and use of an improperly registered player.

Hardbody were docked 42 points while Tripple B were crowned champions until an appeal — whose results are yet to be released — was heard in Harare last Thursday.

During the hearings in Gweru two weeks ago, it emerged former referee Cosmas Nyoni was at the centre of allegations of match-fixing in the Central Region and was, subsequently, together with the acting chairperson of the referees committee, Samukeliso Silengane, suspended.

Nyoni, upon being further questioned on the issue after recorded evidence was put forward then implicated Banda and Hokonya.

An emergency board meeting takes place on Wednesday that will discuss the problems in the Central Region.

Zifa President’s Full Statement

“The Zimbabwe Football Association notes with deep regret the articles which have featured in the media in the last few days.

“The Zimbabwe Football Association’s aims and objectives as defined in the Fifa-endorsed Zifa constitution of 2009, amongst others, is (Article 2, Zifa Constitution)

2.1. To develop, promote and control the game of “Association football” in every form throughout Zimbabwe,

2.6. To respect the joint interest of its members

2.9. To prevent all methods or practices which might jeopardise the integrity of matches or competitions or give rise to abuse of Association football.

“This indicates that all activities in the game of football are under the auspices of the Association and therefore matters which arise will be handled and executed under the Zifa Constitution and Rules and Regulations in conjunction with the Fifa’s Statutes and Rules and Regulations.

“As such, all full members, Board, executive, staff are bound by these and are expected to observe and adhere to the Regulations and Codes of Conduct and Ethics as stated in these manuals.

“On the 24th October 2011, the Zifa President commissioned an Ad hoc Independent Disciplinary Committee, whose mandate is to look into the issues pertaining to match-fixing and other malpractices within Association football.

“Their responsibilities and functions are stipulated in the Disciplinary Code of Zifa, which complies with the Fifa Disciplinary Code. Appeals, hearings, suspensions, bans and other disciplinary issues are provided for in the Zifa Constitution and are handled accordingly.

“Matters pertaining to elections and the Presidium are dealt with by the Councillors who are members of the General Assembly, as it is through this Assembly that the President and the Board are voted into office (Article 29: Elections, Zifa Constitution).

“At a time when Partners and Stakeholders are building confidence in the Association and the game of Football, we would like to maintain good corporate image and identity by maintaining respect for the Association’s governance, Constitution, Rules and Regulations.”

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