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Constituency Spotlight


Gokwe Central Constituency — MP Dorothy Mangami (Zanu PF)

The constituency remains politically charged and highly polarised with Zanu PF supporters preferring to see or hear nothing evil about the MP.

But promises made in the run-up to the 2008 harmonised elections have not been fulfilled and the electorate wants Mangami to own up.

What constituents said about their MP:

Obert Hamadawana, a builder who dreams of owning a construction company, said the MP promised loans which the community could access without having to put forward collateral, but nothing had materialised four years down the line.

“We want to work for ourselves and when our MP was campaigning, she promised to ensure we got resources so we could venture into business, but nothing has happened. We don’t want CDF (Constituency Development Fund) or handouts.

Government should create a conducive environment for us to be able to work,” he said.

Maskiri Mashefu operates a tyre mending shop. He echoed Hamadawana’s sentiments saying most of their investments were wiped out during the Zimbabwe dollar era and now they needed start-up capital.

“My business is failing owing to lack of funding. I will be happy to see the MP representing us so that we can get our accounts converted to the US$ at a favourable rate. This is what we need,” he said.

A militant Bosewell Magwizi told NewsDay to stop following the MP’s performance saying she was not a god and neither was she a bank which could end people’s suffering.

“We are content with what the MP has done,” he said.
“We do not want you following up on the MP’s performance, but we want you to tell us about indigenisation and economic empowerment and programmes that are available. Our MP built flea markets and has tried to address problems in Gokwe, but they are just too big.”

Tendesai Muteu wants to see the water challenges in Gokwe resolved and thinks the MP should live up to her promises.

Mangami reportedly told the community she would spearhead the Gwehava project and ease water shortages.

Response from the MP:

“On the issue of the Gokwe water problems — I actually asked Water Resources Development and Management minister (Sam Sipepa Nkomo) to state his plans to solve this issue and the debate was recorded in the Hansard. It was also reported in your newspaper.

“The minister promised to look into the issue. Gokwe has not had consistent water supplies since 2004 and the water is drawn from six boreholes, which in most cases were down and are pumped using electricity.
“When there is no electricity it means there is no water. Right now constituents want to draw water from Sokwela dam.

“The pipes for this project are already there. Zesa and Zinwa have already done something, but the hiccups we are facing are to do with cultural issues whereby people are saying some traditional rites should be performed before the project starts.

“There is also a long-term plan to draw water from Mapfungautsi dam.

“However, as long as we do not have enough electricity, the issue of availability of water will still remain a big problem.

“If we had money we would drill more boreholes. Through the CDF money, I bought pipes to repair water infrastructure, but most of the projects are still incomplete.”

Gokwe North – MP Flora Buka (Zanu PF)
The constituency is particularly happy about the feedback meetings which the MP holds regularly in her constituency.

Buka has also been commended for her efforts to ensure there is adequate water for people through drilling of boreholes and improving infrastructure.

Siliva Sohombela, a villager from Mabunu, said she had seen developmental projects headed by her MP in the area and was grateful a woman had taken the lead to ensure water was available for the poor communities.

Yeukai Marufu commended the MP for drilling boreholes and buying furniture for schools in the area.

“We now have more boreholes after our MP brought CDF funds to help ease the water situation. She also bought furniture for a number of primary schools. She is working for her people,” Marufu said.

A teacher who refused to be named said Buka should work on the road network which has all but collapsed and has resulted in most qualified teachers leaving the area.

Leaveme Shawasha said while there had been some developments which Buka brought to the constituency, he dismissed them as “political expediency”.

“They just do these things to get re-elected. There is no real love here,” he said. Look at the car she drives around here and compare that with the poverty levels around. She brings a borehole worth only $5 000 and then gets to drive a Discovery vehicle around. I could do better.”

Response from the MP:

“I have initiated a lot of projects to develop my constituency. I drilled four boreholes and did a lot of rehabilitation of dip tanks in several areas. I also built teachers’ houses at Mhumha Secondary School.

“At a flea market in Tsungai I built toilets. The schools where I built classroom blocks include Ungwe Primary, Kuyedza Primary, Nyamuswau Primary, Nembudziya Primary, Buno Primary, Tsungai Primary and Tongogara Primary. and I provided roofing material at Nyamazangwe Clinic.

“I also helped rehabilitate Dave Bridge.”

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