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Gun-toting RBZ official arrested


A Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) senior official, John Mafararikwa, has been arrested for allegedly pointing a firearm at his wife and chasing her Hollywood movie-style.

He has been charged with contravening Section 27 (b) of the Firearms Act, which prohibits pointing a firearm at somebody.

Mafararikwa, former advisor to the executive director of the International Monetary Fund, is alleged to have been incensed by his wife’s refusal to give him his iPad, prompting him to produce a firearm leading to a long car chase from Greystone Park, near Harare Drive, into the city centre.

It is alleged on November 13, Mafararikwa’s wife, a senior journalist now employed by the Swedish Embassy, had a domestic dispute with the top RBZ official.

The woman is said to have packed her belongings and as she left the family residence and while driving along Southam Way, she met her husband.
It is alleged Mafararikwa blocked her way and stopped her.

According to the police, Mafararikwa is said to have demanded his iPad from his wife, but she refused, saying she would give him the following day.

It is alleged Mafararikwa did not say anything further, but went back to his vehicle where he allegedly pulled out a firearm from the dashboard and walked towards his wife wielding it.

Upon realising her husband had brought a firearm, Mafararikwa’s wife is said to have sped off towards Harare Drive with Mafararikwa in hot pursuit.

It is alleged the chase continued along several roads until Mafararikwa’s wife drove into the city centre where her husband allegedly disappeared and she proceeded to report the matter to the police.

Mafararikwa was not asked to plead
when he appeared before Harare magistrate Elijah Makomo and was remanded to today for trial.

Nyikadzino Machingura appeared for the State.

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