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Devotion: An orderly and planned life


As we pursue our goals in life we need to have an orderly and planned lifestyle. There are people that accept whatever comes.

Their lives are like raffle; whatever ticket comes out wins. They are in so much disorder that you won’t know whether they are coming or going.

If you don’t have direction in life you become susceptible to manipulation. You should have targets and proposed methodology. Essentially you should have a 5-year, 10-year up to 100-year plan.

You plan for yourself, children and grandchildren. Those that come after you should build upon what you set up. They should not start from square one. What does the blueprint of your life say?

There are people that are always free to entertain anyone and anything anytime. If you call them and invite them for lunch, they are available, never mind that they were fasting. Next time you invite them to accompany you out of the country, they are available.

They never live their lives, but are inside other people’s lives. The only time they are not available is when you invite them to church, all night prayer meeting or you want them to join you in your degree programme.

Then we have people that want to appear busy and important and they become so busy that they end up doing nothing.

They tell you they cannot see you and you discover they were doing nothing at your intended appointment.

They come out of the house going to work while eating. If the husband is driving, the wife will be doing her make-up in the car; spraying and trying to put their rumba hairstyle in place.

Hazvina staira, Akumangalisi, just be organised and have order in life.

Wake up early and put things in place. However there are people that are genuinely busy but please have diaries.

And you that are booked for appointment please keep the time, if you are asked to leave when your time is up please oblige. You cannot be seen all day just because you have nothing to do.

There are those that want to be, and to do everything. They want to know everything about accountancy, law, medicine, theology etc.

They appear knowledgeable about the goings on in Nyakatsapa, South Dakota, the Kalahari Desert, Iceland, etc. They know who bewitched who, who double crossed who.

They know someone who can connect you to the president; they know the guys at the passport office, vehicle inspection department and embassies.

When all is said and done they ask for 5rand bus fare home. If you check with them, they don’t even have the documents they want to organise for you. You know those companies that specialise in everything!

At times when we do home visits without notice, we see interesting things. Thanks to Zesa load shedding, the generator will be making noise; the television set is on so is the radio and home theatre while with earphones to the phone, they are listening to music.

I will spare you the disorder in the bedroom and kitchen! Haven’t you ever noticed some people along the streets?

They walk while eating a burger, tomato sauce dripping, drinking some dollar-for-two juice while a cream doughnut is waiting.

They would also be speaking on the phone. With the other handset they are listening to music and typing call me back as if they don’t have airtime.

Whoever came with this call me back facility that is being abused! In all this mess if you bump into them they want to hug you.

God gave Moses strict instructions to follow an orderly pattern of life. The tabernacle was built to specification and its movement was orderly. In the wilderness they had proper waste management, (Deuteronomy 23:12-13). Jesus led an orderly lifestyle.

Some problems you face have nothing to do with money but are just disordered lifestyle resulting in being late for interview.

In the rural areas they know when to wake up, till the fields, break for tea and return to weed.

They know when to take cattle out for grazing, feed the chickens and go to water the garden.

There are people that wake up in the morning without even a plan of action; all they are waiting for is for the day to pass so that they sleep again.

Even if you are not formally employed, there are many things that you can do. Some years ago, I asked the unemployed youth in my neighbourhood to come to a day of prayer.

Those that wanted jobs had to come dressed for the type of job they wanted; worksuit, formal suit or jeans.

If you wanted college and university place you had to come with a satchel with books. We prayed the whole day.

The results were instant and tremendous. Many of them are now working and others are at colleges and universities and others now have businesses.

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