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Gays need help, not bashing


I have tried to keep away from this controversial matter which always stokes emotions whenever it is raised.

For long enough, we have heard the pros and cons of it, but there has never been a convergence of views — and neither is there any guarantee that there will be. But I will share my thoughts, nevertheless.

I am against homosexuality simply because it is contrary to the teachings of my Christian faith. I believe that society, including the Church which must provide a haven and show the way as the light of the world, often condemns both the act and the actors without proffering a way out.

But firstly, I want to deal with a dimension that has often been ignored in this discourse on dissident sexualities.

This is a sensitive area that those who have thrown their weight behind the act (note I don’t say the actors) have often overlooked.

Perhaps you are among those who say let homosexuality be recognised in the Constitution as a human right.

Imagine, as a wife, if your husband of many years comes out of the closet and tells you he is bisexual? Or, as a parent, you find out that your child is gay? Or perhaps it’s your brother or sister? Are you are going to tell them it’s OK because they were created that way?

I don’t think so. I believe such a discovery can only be heart-breaking. It changes a lot of dynamics in relationships. Some people have gone to the extent of disowning their children and others have committed suicide.

It’s very possible that some people never made a choice to be gay, but, as they were growing up, just found out that they were drawn more to people of the same sex.

But how is calling them “worse than dogs and pigs” going to help them? One can only be helped if they first come out, but some have been condemned for simply expressing themselves.

The pro-gay community has often come out with guns blazing simply because they have been cornered and left with no choice.

So they have to fight back. They seek to be understood. Can a person be accused of how they feel?

Can feelings, and their subsequent expression, be criminalised, if the whole thing is consensual?
In fact, the Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe (Galz) have threatened to unmask homosexuals in President Robert Mugabe’s government.

But I don’t see how that is going to help them in their cause. This is just a case of an eye for an eye which, obviously, will leave some blind, but the matter still unresolved.

I believe, and have always insisted, that homosexuals need help. They don’t need condemnation. Even Jesus never condemned those people whom the self-righteous Pharisees deemed unholy!

Jesus reached out to them in love and it was primarily his show of love that brought healing and deliverance to people. So many times the Bible indicates that before Jesus healed or delivered anybody, he was “moved”. He felt compassion.

One cannot rule out the fact that even the pews of the church are filled with homosexuals who, week in week out, hear messages about fire and brimstone yet never get to hear how to get out of their situation
But unless the gays themselves realise that there can be another way out of their “dilemma”, they will remain stuck in a rut.

I will not play God, because I am not God; He can speak for himself and does not need a spokesperson.
The Bible explicitly shows God’s attitude to homosexuality in Genesis Chapter 19 and Romans 1: 26. My Bible describes homosexual as “unnatural”, “unseemly” and “vile passions”.

And that is as far as I will go. Whether one believes in God or not, that doesn’t really change anything because, at the end of the day, we will all stand before the His throne and give an account of our lives.

I think at a certain point the anti-gay mantra has to stop and solutions considered because at this rate, there are going to be accusations and counter-accusations but, tragically, with no way forward being mapped out.

This is what is desperately needed now. But if gays themselves refuse to admit that they are in need of help, then the battle is lost even before it has been fought.

The case of powerful countries that have embraced homosexuality threatening to withdraw funding and aid to poor African countries whose consciences would not accept gayism is unacceptable.

As a matter of fact, this kind of attitude would harden the countries of “lesser mortals” to maintain their stance against homosexuality.


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