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Drama as Tsvangirai meets ‘sister-in-law’


There was drama in Parliament yesterday as Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai walked into the House of Assembly to rapturous cheering, ululating and clapping of hands by Zanu PF MPs who shouted “Son-in-law”, in apparent reference to the controversial “marriage” saga that plagued the MDC-T leader this week.

Tsvangirai, who skipped the Prime Minister’s Question Time on Wednesday, was in the House yesterday for the 2012 National Budget presentation.

As soon as he stepped into the House of Assembly to take his seat before the budget was presented, Zanu PF MPs chanted:

“Our son in law has come”. Tsvangirai at first appeared shocked and disoriented as he was caught unawares, but quickly brought himself together and bowed facing the Zanu PF side as if in acknowledgement of the “respect”.

He took his seat amid the hubbub, conferred with one of his lieutenants, Information Technology minister Nelson Chamisa, and was soon laughing his lungs out.

The House went wilder with the entry of Goromonzi legislator Biata Beatrice Nyamupinga, sister to Locadia Karimatsenga Tembo, the woman Tsvangirai is alleged to have paid lobola for on Monday.

MPs, apparently from across the political divide, broke into another frenzy, shouting “Welcome sister-in-law!” For a while the House was a total din.

An unfazed Nyamupinga proceeded directly towards Tsvangirai and, in typical African culture, partially knelt before him and greeted the Prime Minister amid more cheers, laughter and rapturous applause from legislators in the House.

On Wednesday, the MDC-T denied there had been any marriage involving Tsvangirai and Tembo.
They also rubbished allegations he had paid $36 000 lobola.

Reports that emerged after the alleged Monday marriage ceremony were that Tsvangirai only paid damages amounting to $10 000 for having impregnated the woman.

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