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Music teacher releases album


Avondale Primary school music teacher and musician, Perpetual Bare, says music is her passion, life and work thus she will forever provide entertainment through her musical talent.

Bare recently released her third album, a six-track gospel album tilted Kuronga kwaBaba where she mainly focuses on encouraging people to acknowledge God in their lives for every life follows God’s plans.

Her latest offering which she said was not aligned to any musical genre, but a unique mixture of various genres includes songs like Follow Me, Jonah, Until I Reach My Home and Huya Uone among others.

“In this album I am sending various messages to people, including issues of obedience to the Lord, and I also encourage people to be hopeful because in life there is a time for everything such as joy and laughter, happiness and sadness,” she said.

Bare said besides being music teacher for many years, she has had vast experience working with other acclaimed local artists including the late musicians Ephat Mujuru, Beaula Gdyoko and Sekuru Gora whom she did backing vocals for.
Bare also worked with Clive Malunga.

She said it was important for her latest offering to get enough publicity on both radio and television so audiences could familiarise with her music as a solo artist.

“I have also recorded an Aids awareness song titled Huya Uone, which I am hoping to perform on December 1 during the National Aids Day celebrations this year,” said Bare.

She said because she taught music theory, marimba, piano and keyboards it was an advantage for her to work on some of her instruments alone together with the backing vocals.

Bare said music was her life and with more exposure she knew that one day she could make a significant breakthrough in the local music industry.

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