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Eyebrows raised over Gokwe tenders


Councillors claim the awarding of a $72 600 tender to install street lights in the town was done unprocedurally.

The councillors believe town chairperson Darlington Madondo owns Big Valley Marketing, the company that won the tender to carry out the project.

The councillors, who requested to remain anonymous fearing victimisation, also alleged that Madondo awarded himself a tender to supply the local authority with street signposts.

But town secretary Tapiwa Marongwe said Big Valley Marketing, which won the tender for the street lights, was based in Harare and owned by an Ally Muzeze not Madondo.

“The tender was discussed and awarded in council,” Marongwe said.

“It involved two phases with 200 poles and street lights, which we bought at $32 600 then the other component of small parts, which cost $40 000.

“Lastly for the labour component from Zesa (Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority) we paid $12 000.”

He said the job to weld street signposts was given to Madondo after he declared his interests as required by law.

“The chairman is a welder and when he came to council he declared his interests, which is allowed by the law,” Marongwe said.

“Once one declares their interest they can tender for jobs in council although they are required by law to recuse themselves from the discussions. That is what Madondo did.

“It would be wrong to say he supplied the signposts. We bought them from Harare and all we did was to ask him to weld the signs to the posts, which he did at a cost. ”

Madondo said allegations he awarded himself tenders were part of a smear campaign by his political opponents ahead of elections expected next year.

“We have recorded tremendous development over the past three years,” he said.

“Our streets are well-lit at night, roads have signposts and water supply is improving.

“But unfortunately for our friends in Zanu PF who have been at the helm for as long as we can remember, they can’t stomach it and now they want to soil my good name.”

The councilors claimed Madondo and Marongwe could have prejudiced council of $40 000 in the street lighting deal and another $20 000 for the road signproject.

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