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Constituency Spotlight


Mutare Central constituency — MP Innocent Gonese
The constituency covers Mutare Central and the city’s oldest suburb of Sakubva.

What people in Mutare Central constituency said about their MP:
Christine Gondo, a vegetable vendor, said: “I know the MP. I have never heard of anything he has done to develop this area. He has not done anything tangible since he was elected MP.
“He is not making a single move to empower this community. A lot of youths roam the streets doing nothing. He calls for meetings, but we have ignored them because nothing tangible is coming out of them.”

Timothy Timburwa said: “I know the MP and he comes here to meet us on developmental projects.
“He built a footbridge, which connects Sakubva and Dangamvura. He has also renovated the changing rooms at Chisamba Grounds and to me it’s something positive.”
Simon Dube, a 51-year-old man, said: “I know the MP. I have never noticed anything done to develop this area besides putting a few asbestos roofs on market stalls.
“There could be some who are benefiting from him, but the MP is not fulfilling his promises.
“It is a lesson for us to know political promises are empty ones and it’s a hard lesson for the next elections.”

Tawanda Mutonhore said: “We were promised jobs, but up to now nothing has materialised. Honestly, I am fed up with politicians because they make a bunch of promises which are never fulfilled.”

Chris Maronga said: “I do not know the MP. I have never heard of anyone helped by him — even projects like a school or clinic. Maybe they help each other along party lines, but in my opinion, he is just riding on the MDC-T party name.”

Sekai Muyambo, a person living with a disability, said: “I just know the MP’s name and nothing more.
“From the time he was elected, we never heard anything about him and you are the first to remind me of him.
“As disabled people, we thought we were going to receive help in the form of self-help projects or at least support for the Paralympic Games, but nothing of that sort has ever happened.
“I blame all politicians for that — not that I hate my MP.”

Bothwell Chivhunze said: “I know the MP very well and he is very considerate.
“He has built state-of-the-art market stalls here and come the rainy season, people will not be affected. When these projects start we will be engaged to provide labour and get paid.”

Response by the MP
“There are a lot of things I did with the Constituency Development Funds in my constituency.
“I renovated changing rooms at Chisamba Grounds and I am in the process of rehabilitating the grounds.
“I also built the footbridge that connects Sakubva and Chikanga. I also constructed market stalls for vendors and attended to water reticulation in Ward 10.
“Furthermore, I helped Dangare Primary School with building materials.
“Some of the issues are supposed to be attended to by council or the central government. The issue of employment is not an individual matter and it needs collective effort.”

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