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Mermaids ‘stop’ Gokwe project


GOKWE — Gokwe Town Council has stopped work on a water project to address perennial water shortages after suspected “mermaids” were spotted at Gwehava Dam.

Tapiwa Marongwe, Gokwe town secretary said work on the pipeline had to be suspended so that a traditional ceremony is held to appease the spirits believed to be behind the creatures.

Mermaids are described as make believe creatures that are said to be half fish and half human.
Council intends to link the dam to its water supply to augment supplies from five boreholes.

Marongwe said pumping equipment had already been installed but nothing was going to take place before the ceremony led by Chief Misheck Njelele was done.

“At the moment everything is ready for water to be pumped from Gwehava and improve the water supply in the town,” he said.

“However, there are challenges which involve the supernatural that have to be dealt with first.

“Chief Njelele has been approached and will help to ensure the ceremony is held.”

There have been unconfirmed reports of children disappearing at the dam.

Villagers have blamed the mysterious creatures for the disappearances while construction workers claim they found their equipment moved from its position every morning.

Gokwe depends on five, 200 metre deep boreholes with a pumping capacity of 150 cubic meters of water per hour.

But officials say demand far outstrips supplies.
A long term solution to the town’s water problems has been pinned on the construction of the Mutangi Dam funded under the Public Sector Investment Programme.

The project would involve the laying of 40 kilometres of water pipes and a treatment plant.

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