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Khaya Moyo sticks to his guns on retaliation


Zanu PF national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo on Wednesday insisted his party’s supporters have a right to revenge if attacked by their opponents.

Although he stated he was against violence, Khaya Moyo said people were justified to defend themselves when they were attacked.

His statements followed an outcry over his weekend address at the Zanu PF Midlands provincial conference in Gweru where he reportedly urged party supporters to “fight back” when attacked.

“I repeatedly said, ‘No to violence, no to violence, no to violence’,” Khaya Moyo said in a letter to NewsDay on Wednesday.

“Surely if one is attacked, is one expected to kneel and pray, hoping that one will eventually report the matter to the police?

“I suppose even the dead are expected to report to the police after such attacks as per the gospel of NewsDay.

“I want to emphasise that if no one attacks anyone surely there will be no basis for self defence.

“No one has indeed any right to take the law into their hands, but everyone has a natural right to defend themselves against perpetrators of violence,” he added.

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