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Ziff to revive short film project


The Zimbabwe International Film Festival Trust (Ziff) is making efforts to revive the short film project, which had been stalled due to lack of financial resources.

Ziff co-ordinator Natalie Kombe said the trust had engaged donors and concerned stakeholders to make sure that the once-vibrant project gets back on the festival programme.

Ziff has also sought services of short film experts to ensure the project resumes with quality productions to give festival-goers valuable experiences and retain the confidence of the donor community.

“We have made various proposals to funders on how we intend to revive the short film project and we are still waiting to hear from some of the possible funders. The project will commence as soon as we get the necessary resources,” said Kombe.

The short film project failed to take place this year at the 14th edition of the festival and organisers said limitations in funding had led to the scrapping of the project from their programme.

Expectations are the project will resume at next year’s edition.

The short film project has in the past produced 35 films some of which have gone to be international successes while others have been developed into full productions.

Film experts have raised concern over the dropping of the short film project saying it was retrogressive to the development of the film industry in Zimbabwe as well as the welfare of actors some who had come to rely on film for a living.

Zimbabwe’s film sector suffered from a decade-long political and economic crisis which saw government failing to support the arts sector while the donor community had almost lost confidence in such areas as film.

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