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Sex crimes rock Mash West


Police in Mashonaland West have raised concern over the high prevalence of rape involving minors, as well as the new phenomenon of female rapists.

Rape cases top the list of major crimes in the province, statistics have revealed. Assistant Commissioner Douglas Nyakutsikwa said the increase in rape cases was an indication of the levels of moral decay in society which was worrisome to law-enforcement agents.

A new type of criminal in the form of female rapists had also descended on the province where at least nine cases had been reported, he said.

A total 17 cases of men being raped by gangs of women have been reported countrywide.

Nyakutsikwa said although police recorded a decline in the occurrences of other crimes, there was an upsurge in rape cases, especially those involving girls below 15.

“Other crimes such as murder and robberies have been on the decline, but the rape of minors increased by close to 78%.

“The occurrences have brought worry in the force, as it shows how society has lost its morals. It is shocking to hear of a 76-year-old man raping his own five-year-old granddaughter,” said Nyakutsikwa, urging his charges to heighten vigilance in crime-busting.

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