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Double delight for Katomeni-Mbofana


A few weeks after the launch of her debut album titled Prudence jazz sensation and actress Prudence Katomeni-Mbofana has once again hogged the limelight through an interesting role in latest local film Playing Warriors that premiered in Harare recently.

Katomeni-Mbofana is among the few local artists that can alternate between genres comfortably.
Well-known for hit song BP Yakwira Katomeni-Mbofana hogged the limelight with her lead role in the movie More Time when she was only 14 years old.

In an interview, she said she looking forward to serious activity in the arts after having been quiet for a while. She says she is now back in the industry with more energy.

“I have not been active in the music industry for some time because of some personal commitments. I have been caught up in my studies with Zimbabwe College of Music and Africa University where I was doing my Master’s degree in music,” said Katomeni-Mbofana

“I have just launched my debut album entitled Prudence to really show that I am now back in the industry.”

She said she enjoyed her role in Playing Warriors directed by Rumbidzai Katedza.

“I am going to be on screen in the movie Playing Warriors alongside Kudzai Sevenzo, Notando Nobengula and Tendai Musoni

“Playing Warriors is a movie in which artists came together with a passion. We worked as a family and everyone enjoyed the experience. I believe it will be a success.”

The actress called upon the corporate players to join hands with production companies to build a better film industry for our country.

“There is a great need for the corporate and business world to join hands with production companies so as to make our film industry a success.”

“I would like to believe that Zimbabweans love quality and we need to come up with well-funded, exceptional productions. The sector must be well supported.”

Playing Warriors is 80 minutes long and it was co-produced by Pangolin Films and Katedza’s Mai Jai Films at a value of about $200 000.

The editing of the film was done in Johannesburg, South Africa, for two months in with associate producer, Bridget Pickiring.

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