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You disappear — Gen Mujuru brother told


Mystery surrounding the death of Retired General Solomon Mujuru has taken a new twist following revelations the late soldier’s elder brother was denied entry into Vice-President (VP) Joice Mujuru’s official residence in Harare.

He was warned he would “disappear” if he continued following up on circumstances that led to his brother’s death.

Joel Tazviwinga Mujuru (69) told NewsDay in a wide-ranging exclusive interview in Goromonzi on Thursday that he was pushed out by a rifle butt as he tried to gain entry into the family’s Chisipite house.

He said he had gone to the house to find out if the VP had seen the police report into the death of his brother.

Joel said this came as a shock to him since in “Zezuru culture” he was now effectively in charge of the family left behind by his late brother.

“On October 4, I was chased from house by security,” Joel said.

“I wanted to discuss with the VP as a ‘wife’, but I was told that there is a list of people allowed entry and I was not one of those allowed.

“One officer came out and pushed me with a rifle butt.”

He added: “I know security acts on instructions. But that will not destroy my love for my young brother’s wife.”

Joel said as he was being chased from the gate he was warned by a Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) detail, he identified only as a Zambuko, that, “ you old man, you and your entire family will disappear if you continue coming here”.

Joel said he suspected the VP was aware he was chased away from her house because her daughter was the one who came to the gate and told him he was no longer wanted at the house.

“The Vice-President knows because her daughter came and told me I was not wanted there,” he said.
He said before the death of the former Zanla commander he used to frequent the house and was always welcome.

“Before Solomon died I used to frequent his house. I had my own bedroom with my own set of keys.

Whenever I went there I did not need to ask where to sleep,” he said. “I do not know what has happened now to the extent of being warned by Zambuko that I will disappear because of my brother’s death.”

The elder Mujuru said when his brother was still alive, he could visit and at most times, “Solomon could go and sleep while we discussed family issues and at times politics with Joice.”

He said he was grateful to NewsDay for according him an opportunity to speak about his frustrations over investigations into the death of his brother.

“It’s now up to you to inform her that what was done to her husband’s elder brother was not good,” he said, adding: “The relationship between me and Joice is very strong and it’s like a rock.

But he said he was concerned because the VP had never communicated with him since the death of his brother. Several calls to her office and on her mobile phone had not been returned.He said even her children were shunning him.

Joel said it was also difficult to distribute his brother’s clothes, as per custom, because “where the clothes are it’s where I am being chased (away from).”
Joel said his intentions were motivated only by the desire to establish what really killed his younger brother.

“I do not want even a single cent from Solomon’s wealth,” he said.

“The wealth accumulated by Joice and Solomon does not belong to me. I do not need the wealth, but to establish what happened to my brother.”

He said those blocking VP Mujuru from seeing him should stop doing so because “they should just let me talk to my ‘wife’ because where we are heading things will be difficult”.

He did not elaborate. “She is always surrounded and does not seem to know what is going on”, he said, again without elaborating.

He said he regretted talking to NewsDay before consulting VP Mujuru because it was impossible for him to access her.

Joel believes chances his brother was murdered were high given the circumstances in which he died.

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